Cross-Chain Deposit Policy

What is a cross-chain deposit?

A cross-chain deposit is when tokens are sent from one cryptocurrency blockchain to another (e.g. sending ETH to a BTC address).  Not all coins sent cross-chain can be recovered.  Wallets for one blockchain token cannot support tokens from another blockchain, so, for example, sending ETH to a BTC wallet will result in the loss of the ETH.

I accidentally sent tokens to a different blockchain, can they be recovered?

The recovery of cross-chain deposits is a high risk and time-consuming process, and not all deposits can be successfully recovered.  The difficulty, time, and security risk involved in a recovery depend on which currency was mistakenly sent and to which address.

Because of the risk involved in recovery operations, we have implemented a fee structure for attempted token recovery operations.  Cross-chain deposits must have a minimum value of 0.5 BTC to be eligible for a recovery attempt, and will incur a fee of 0.1 BTC upon successful recovery.

Please note that we will not attempt token recovery for blockchains that we do not support or list on our site.

How long does it take to recover these tokens?

Cross-chain deposits can take up to 7-14 business days to recover.  Fees will be deducted from the recovered amount prior to being deposited in the customer’s correct token wallet.

ICO Policy

Can I send tokens to a Initial Coin Offering (ICO) from a Coins Pro wallet?

We strongly recommend that you not send tokens to a ICO from a Coins Pro wallet.  ICO’s may ask you to sign the wallet from which you sent tokens as proof of wallet ownership, which is not possible with your Coins Pro wallets.  In this scenario you may not be able to claim your ICO tokens, so this is not something that we recommend.

I sent tokens to a ICO from my Coins Pro wallet: is there anything you can do?

Once tokens are sent to an ICO from a Coins Pro wallet the transaction cannot be reversed, and the tokens cannot be recovered by Coins Pro.

ERC-20 Policy

Does my ETH wallet support ERC-20 tokens?

No, Coins Pro ETH wallets do not support ERC-20 tokens. Do not deposit ERC-20 tokens to your ETH wallet. Coins Pro will not be able to recover and credit such tokens to your ETH wallet and shall have no liability for any losses incurred.