Coins Pro is a digital currency exchange product by Coins.ph. We operate in the Philippines and serve as a platform where buyers can connect with sellers and exchange digital currency at prices determined by the market. Customers can use our order-book exchange to buy digital currency with Philippine peso, at larger volumes, and for lower fees.

Our goal is to make digital currency cheap and fast. By offering professional-grade digital financial services, we aim to reduce the cost of buying and selling digital currency in the Philippines.


Coins.ph is Southeast Asia's leading digital currency wallet. Since 2013, we have enabled customers in the Philippines to purchase bitcoin directly from their mobile phones. Over 5 million customers use our services to buy and sell bitcoin, send remittances, and make online payments, even those who do not have access to financial services.

In 2017, Coins.ph secured a Certificate of Registration from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas to formally operate as a virtual currency exchange.